Family And Childcare Law

Family and Childcare Law

We cover all aspects of Family and Childcare law from divorce, injunctions through to Care proceedings.

We have the benefit of a Legal Aid Agency Family Franchise which means that the Legal Aid Agency (who authorise legal aid work) recognise us to be a firm which specialises in Family Law and that we have undertaken additional training in this area.

Care Proceedings

Helen is a specialist in Care proceedings and was accredited to the Law Society Children Panel in 2012 as both an adult and children representative. She has extensive specialist Child Protection experience, and has been instructed in many complex sets of care proceedings including non-accidental injury cases and factitious illness cases. The vast majority of her practice in more recent years has been representing the children themselves; having built up a solid reputation for the quality of her advice and representation.

Helen also has extensive experience of representing parents and other family members.

  • Re A (2009) unreported : Where Helen represented the father together with Counsel, Munby J (Now LJ) included in his judgment the following;
  • "I cannot pass from the case -for this judgment marks the end of my involvement - without a few final words. First, I must thank all the many professionals involved, and, not least, the advocates and those instructing them, for their dedicated and scrupulous attention to the detail of a more than usually complex case - complex, that is, not merely from a social work perspective but also from a legal and forensic perspective. They have made my task infinitely easier than it might well have been. I am very grateful to them. And I trust that their various clients are equally appreciative of and grateful to their legal representatives for all they have done for them. The mother and the father could not have wanted for better or more devoted help."

She is also frequently instructed to represent children in particularly difficult contact and residence disputes where the court determines that the cases are so complex that the child or children require a voice themselves.

She is an accomplished and experienced advocate and appears in courts throughout the North East on a daily basis

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Law is a new way to resolve divorce and family disputes with dignity and respect.

Divorce takes an immense toll. Time, emotions and financial resources are often sacrificed.

There is another way, a less adversarial, more solution-oriented alternative. It is Collaborative family Law for further information try

Helen is the franchise representative and category supervisor for the Legal Aid Agency and is also a trained Collaborative Lawyer. Helen is recognised as a specialist in this area and is a Member of the Family Law Accreditation Scheme and a Resolution Accredited Specialist in Family Law. Helen has also recently been appointed as an Accredited Specialist in Children law able to represent Adults or Children through public law proceedings.

We understand that family cases can cause huge upset and distress and our aim is to minimise this whilst acting in the best interests of our clients.

If you wish to discuss a family or childcare matter please contact us to make an appointment.

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